Being Goth

So, you find yourself drawn to the dark and spooky things, and you are delving into the Goth Culture. And then someone asks you “why?” Instead of me, the Author, trying to write a text that would be pretty much identical to the video below – I, the Author, have been granted permission by The Gothic Alice to share the video with you all.

Being ‘goth’ is largely something inherent; something you’re drawn to from a fairly early age – usually through discovery of there being a “thing” (ie, subculture) that would explain your tastes in music, movies, art, literature, and so on, by offering you a name for it: Goth.

This part of the Biblica Gothica is dedicated to the concept and execution of ‘being Goth’. Here, you will find shortcuts (links) to selected blogposts regarding the subject matter; intended to help you navigate the blog more efficiently.

* * *

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