The Goth Subculture

In 1979 Bauhaus released ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ thus marking the beginning of what we know (and love) as Goth (sub)Culture today. It all started with the music, and music continues to play a vital part in a Goth identity today. While it is not crucial to love (or even listen to) the original ‘goth’ bands and artists, a general knowledge of the genres considered ‘goth’ is largely considered to be a must for any aspiring BabyBat.

A very brief introduction to Goth music from the early years can be found here.

* * *

But – music origins aside – how does one define what Goth is? I did a blog post on how this is inherently difficult, since Goth is largely a subjective matter for the person identifying as such.

My good friend Nephilim Incorruptus made a fantastic video in which he provides a general – objective – definition of what Goth actually means. I, the Author, have been granted permission to share this video with all of you.

The above video serves as an introduction to what the Goth Culture entails, and this part of the Biblica Gothica is intended to serve as an encyclopedia of sorts with links to selected blog posts that talk about the culture as such.

* * *

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