The Resurrection

Hi there!

The Author is currently in the process of resurrecting this here blog. For the time being, she is focusing on fleshing out the various static pages, and doing little tweaks here and there – such as the spiffy new banner up top.

In the not so distant future, there will be more blogposts – possibly with a slightly more personal flair – with information about the Goth Culture and “being goth”, as it were. The blog is intended to be a source of information about Goth Culture as such, but will also serve as a personal blog for the Author. The main reason for this decision is practicality: The Author identifies as being ‘goth’ – therefore any and all ‘personal’ blogposts would be in the “being goth” vein.

Note: As stated in the blogpost entitled “What is Goth?” being goth is largely a subjective matter. What the Author includes is by no means the end-all be-all of Goth Culture – far from it – it’s just a stepping stone, a starting point for those who read the blog and find themselves drawn to the culture.

Stay Spooky & Creep it Real!

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