I know, I know – …yet another goth blog, and if you’re sick and tired of these, I’m not going to twist your arm and make you stay.

I wanted to write this blog because I – as a goth – have an inherent passion for educating people, and the goth subculture is victim to a myriad of misconceptions I aim to put straight, in a manner of speaking. In this blog I will attempt to explain what the goth subculture entails, where it came from, what it means to be “a goth”, and hopefully correct at least a few of the misconceptions. Also, and perhaps more importantly from a (sub)cultural stand point, this might serve as a source of information for aspiring babybats out there.

Be forewarned, however, this will be a biased blog, as it is written by someone who identifies as “one of them gothy types.” This blog will be based upon my own interpretation and understanding of what goth is, what it is not, how the culture evolved over time, and so on.

I am in no way, shape or form any sort of “authority” on the subject of goth subculture as such. I am, however, a goth – and I have been one for several years: Going on my twentieth as I write this. I didn’t always ‘proclaim’ myself as one, but I always felt more at home in the “goth” crowd than anywhere else, and now I’m old enough to confidently say that I am – in fact – a goth.

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